IO2 – Ebook

The INTEGRES Project has been focused on developing open- source course material over the past three years. The aim is to equip (future) finance and accounting professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate new sustainable EU regulations and models related to Integrated Reporting. This E-book is the result of extensive research aimed at addressing the question of how to educate them in impact accounting and integrated reporting, given the changes in their future professions and legislation.
The course materials are structured into 5 modules. The E-book consists of 31 blueprints that serve as the building blocks of each module. Each blueprint contains a QR code that serves as a portal to access the course materials, such as PowerPoint presentations, assignments, workshops, quizzes, business games, videos and articles. These materials are stored on a publicly accessible file server, allowing users to view and download them as needed and customised based on individual needs and learning objectives.