Massive Open Online Courses

The traditional classroom is limited in how many students it can serve, but millions worldwide need and want access to high-quality education. MOOCs are Massive Open Online Courses (EdX, sd).
The term originated in the United States in 2008 to describe online, free and easily accessible courses. Through MOOCs, you can enrol in courses at top universities worldwide.
We developed the MOOC, ‘Reporting Value Creation and Sustainability for SME,’ to make our knowledge and expertise available to a broad audience. We can reach learners from various backgrounds and locations by providing this MOOC. This inclusivity aligns with our vision to ensure that everyone who wants to learn can benefit from our project.
BOOK (UniBO Open Knowledge) is an initiative of the University of Bologna designed to develop and deliver Massive Open Online Courses.


The ‘Reporting Value Creation and Sustainability for SME’ MOOC is realised by five European Universities grouped in the INTEGRES Erasmus+ Project to encourage Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) to consider sustainability as a means of value creation. SMEs encounter several obstacles in today’s dynamic economic environment. Understanding and effectively communicating value creation and sustainability have emerged as essential components for SMEs seeking long-term success. SMEs can improve transparency, accountability, competitive advantage, risk management, access to capital, regulatory compliance, innovation, and efficiency by implementing sustainable practices and effectively communicating their efforts in that direction.
This course presents several aspects of value creation and sustainability reporting from a SMEs perspective. It is designed to help students, consultants, managers, and entrepreneurs understand the value of reporting non-financial information related to social and environmental aspects.

This video below offers a brief overview of the MOOC.